blood and flesh
“When did I decide to push everyone away? I don’t know. Or maybe the question is actually this: when did I begin to give up on the inherent goodness of people, on their ability to renew, restore, and revitalize? Somewhere along the way, I woke up one day and decided that everyone was just as disappointing as I was and shut them out.”

Derek to my Stiles
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If you're going through hell, keep going.
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This story is about the Baudelaires. And they are the sort of people who know that there’s always something. Something to invent, something to read, something to bite, and something to do, to make a sanctuary, no matter how small. And for this reason, I am happy to say, the Baudelaires were very fortunate indeed.

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LEO - CéCi (©)

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Taehyun + bathtub //  requested by lockedaces

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Kim Taehyung | Dark & Wild

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Taehyun // Empty [5/6]

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