mangameme: 5 Arcs

Tom, he was a piper’s son,
He learned to play when he was young,
And all the tune that he could play
Was “Over the hills and far away…”
Noah’s Ark Circus Arc from Kuroshitsuji

such a lonely day and it is mine

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BTS → Just One Day

I know, I neglected you because of my dream.
Then give me just one day, even if it’s in a dream.
I used the facts as excuses, swallowing the many
words I said but let me make up to you.

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Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.”

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Selfies in the 19th century


Who is the one who made us into studying machines?
They classify us to either being number one or dropping out,
They trap us in borders, the adults.

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